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Private lessons are the very best way to acquire well rounded skills and a proper understanding of when to use them. The private lesson environment allows for immediate analysis, feedback, and correction. Ensuring they are corrected the proper way. Private Lessons allow for a constant reinforcement of good habits. The 1-on-1 lesson allows the coach and goalie to work at a pace that will maximize the goalies progression. The 1-on-1 attention allows the coach to work at each goalies specifically needed pace so good habits are created and practiced.

  • Learn Proper Technique. Learn proper and well-rounded skills and when to use them.

  • Instant Analysis, Feedback, & Correcting. Correct issues and work to fix them right away.

  • Create Good Habits. Constantly reinforce good fundamental habits.

  • Stop Bad Habits. Train at a pace of shots that suits you, so good habits are created.

  • Use it or Lose it! Repeat necessary skills, so you improve and maintain.


Private Lessons Packages & Rates

Twelve Week Semi-Private Session Package

  • 12 weeks of semi-private lessons

  • $920.00 pre-paid in full at time of registration

Six Weeks Package

  •  6 weeks of semi-private lessons

  •  $516.00 pre-paid in full at time of registration

 Ice fee is inculded in the package price. 

Individually Scheduled 

  • Private AM Weekday:$105*

  • Private PM Weekday:$135*

  • Private Weekend:$105*

  • Semi-Private:$80*

 *Ice Fee of $12 is not included in the price.

Price is per goalie

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